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Reebok celebrating the new Nano X4 at Wodapalooza Miami

Kicking off January in good shape, Miami played host to the renowned Wodapalooza festival – one of the major international cross functional training events. Reebok brought their special brand of irreverent fun to the show with an engaging ‘Shoe Swap’ initiative.



At the Reebok Mobile Tech Lab, strategically positioned outside the main venue, participants had the opportunity to trade in their current sneakers – destined for donation – for a pristine pair of the latest Reebok Nano X4s. The interactive experience wasn't limited to the event grounds, with local breakfast hotspot ‘Caffe Fiore’ embracing the theme with exclusive “L’Egg Day” Reebok sandwiches.

The event offered a combination of rigorous challenges and a unique platform to connect with athletes from diverse global backgrounds. Amidst the fervour, Reebok took the opportunity to introduce the Nano X4 – the latest iteration of the esteemed Nano series. The launch added a noteworthy dimension to the event, emphasising not only competitive spirit but also celebrating athleticism and the pinnacle of fitness footwear.



Leading the Reebok crew were Alison Scudds, Elisa Fuliano and Michelle Basnette, with other Reebok athletes, including Sam Cournoyer, Fee Saghafi, Kyra Milligan, Jay Crouch, James Sprague, participating in the competition as well.


“Happy and honoured for this great experience”, said Elisa Fuliano. “I feel so blessed to be part of the Reebok family and to have shared these days with my amazing teammates Alison and Michelle: we definitely had some fun!”


More than 500 pairs of the brand-new Nano X4 were gifted to attendees passing by the Reebok van – a clear sign of the Cross functional training community’s love for the Nano franchise and its latest model. The supportive heel, superior cushioning and high-tech innovations made the Nano X4 the official shoe of fitness at Wodapalooza 2024.