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Reebok appreciates that today’s woman strives to meet the busy and demanding schedules of everyday life, so to match your grit and determination, we have introduced a collection of gloves for women to help you meet those challenges head-on. When it's time to hit the gym and de-stress, there are training gloves with cushioned palms that are fingerless to give you better grip and the Training Wrist glove is also fingerless but comes with wrist strap for increased support and made of breathable fabrics. Leather training and Combat gloves are also available if you prefer more strenuous sessions.

Women’s gloves created to express your infinite variety
Today’s active woman is into more than yoga, so Reebok has selected a collection of women’s gloves that reflect your infinite variety in terms of how you spend your leisure time. The Foundation line of gloves are knitted and available in solid, basic colours for casual or everyday use, while the training gloves are constructed specifically for that purpose and there is a Cross training model as well as one targeted at the runner in you. Use the Combat or Leather Training gloves when you really need to work off some energy and enjoy every punch.

Reebok gloves for women are hip, sassy and affordable
The SmartVent tee is a perfect choice to go with your Reebok gloves for women and can be worn as general workout wear if you so choose. Preview it as part of a collection featuring several styles, makes and sizes of hip, sassy and affordable tees, sports bras and sweatshirts with your comfort and satisfaction in mind. Then you can take a look at the various collections of bottoms, trainers and other accessories to create flattering ensembles that are sure to bag a few appreciative nods whether you’re between workout rotations or just out for a coffee.

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