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Introducing the Reebok Nano X4 to the Barry’s crowd

Reebok went beyond traditional retail activities by teaming up with Barry's France during Paris Fashion Week.



The official shoe of fitness met the best workout in the world in exclusive training sessions that combined high-intensity training with the launch of the Nano X4. All participants were impressed by the cutting-edge new iteration of the iconic Reebok shoe, which marks a bold step in performance gear innovation.

To kick off the collaboration, an invitation-only party featuring DJ Matthias Geerts on the decks infused energy into the Barry's Paris space, capturing the dynamic synergy between fitness and movement. As a special surprise during the party, a dance crew coordinated by choreographer Delphine Lemaitre took to the dancefloor to put on a high-energy show for the crowd.


This partnership highlights Reebok's commitment to redefining the intersection of fashion and fitness. By combining immersive workout experiences, innovative performance gear, and the latest Nano X4 release, Reebok invites enthusiasts to elevate their fitness routines with style and cutting-edge technology.