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The global inspiration of Bridge Street Sound





Around 2020, two DJs, Booker and Juju, found themselves at Nublu, a club in Manhattan. Their connection was instant, ignited by a shared passion for music from around the world. In the heart of Dumbo, NYC, Booker meticulously handcrafts vintage-inspired speakers, breathing life into Bridge Street Sound, their brainchild set to launch this September. Their vision is simple yet profound: an amalgamation of "sound, music, and culture." Booker's journey into the realm of sound began at a tender age of 17, sparked by the allure of high-end speakers. With roots in Dumbo and a frequent visitor to Brazil, he absorbed a diverse range of music, a rich tapestry woven into his soul. Meanwhile, Juju, a product of the Lower East Side, fell under the spell of salsa, funk, and Detroit's dynamic DJ scene. Fate intervened, bringing them together at Nublu, sealing their musical partnership.


Their travels have taken them to record shops across the globe, relishing the tactile experience, valuing it above the convenience of online shopping. Booker, with a craftsman's touch, tailors sound systems to each listener, cherishing the character of vintage parts. For Juju, music transcends instruments; it's a moment suspended in time. The rhythm of samba pulsates in his mind, a heartbeat of his peak football performances. Bridge Street Sound is their canvas, a celebration of diverse genres, a tapestry woven from global traditions. Their official debut looms on the horizon, promising collaborations spanning continents, from Japan to Brazil. In the Bridge Street Studio, Booker's inaugural creation stands tall, a testament to their enduring love affair with music. For Juju, music is more than notes; it's an experience, a visceral connection akin to the impact of art on a soul.

Together with Highsnobiety we caught up with Bridge Street Sound in their studio, where they were able to get hands-on with the first Reebok Club C LTDs at the New York event in September 2023.