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Haven’t found the perfect bag for your sports clothes yet? We feature a number of cool designs that include enough space for your water bottle, towel, shoes and your clothes to ensure you’ve got everything with you when you go for a workout. Our men’s bags come in various shapes, ranging from trail rucksacks to duffel bags and normal-sized backpacks. Separate compartments ensure your sweaty items don’t mingle with your clean clothes and another compartment for shoes guarantees no dirt gets spread all over your belongings. If you need to bring your laptop, some of our bags feature a designated laptop compartment to keep your electronic items separate from the rest.

Bags for men: versatility is key
Why opt for a simple backpack when you can choose a blend of carrier bag, sling bag or rucksack in one design? Some of our bags for men feature dual carry handles with extra padding as well as a longer shoulder strap to sling it around your body for better carrying comfort. If you’re more of a rucksack guy, you can opt for a convertible grip bag that has both rucksack straps and dual carry handles, or you can opt for a rucksack in the popular bike-messenger style with a roll-up top and a small compartment for your phone, keys and wallet. Regardless what you choose, your back will applaud the ultimate support with adjustable and padded straps for additional comfort.

Timeless bag designs for men that go with anything
Versatility is not only imperative for the design, but also regarding adaptability to your personal style. With the neat and elegant designs we feature, your men’s bag goes with virtually anything. Pair it with our cool Classic Vector hoodie or carry your MMA joggers in it to your next destination. To keep hydrated, opt for the ultra-cool Foundation water bottle that features a leak-proof valve and ensures no water is spilled over your other things.

Reebok Hamilton Bum Bag
163 kr.
Reebok Hamilton Bum Bag

Unisex Bum Bags

Multiple Colours Available


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