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Camilla Massa and Reebok

After becoming a young mother, she discovered the world of sport and became a global benchmark. Now with Reebok at her side.




Camilla Massa is an athlete who began her sporting career in an unconventional way. After becoming a young mother, she felt the desire to dedicate herself to training for a deeper purpose, not only to feel good about her body, but to find a new balance other than the 'quiet life' she was beginning to lead.


In 2021, she discovered Hyrox, a new competition that changed her life. With the support of her coach and current partner, Luca, she embraced this challenge and found in Hyrox not only a physical discipline, but also a supportive community, which turned her life around.

Camilla stands out for her tenacity in competition and for the fact that she has become a professional athlete despite starting in her thirties. In her short career she has already collected important placements, including fifth place in the world at the Hyrox Major in Chicago in 2023.


The responsibility she feels most today, however, goes beyond sports: she wants to continue to inspire others to follow their dreams, without hesitating in the face of anything. Together with Reebok, officially at her side, she can continue her journey and has found an important ally in the promotion of sport and an active lifestyle, who inspires everyone to find their place, just as she does.